Multiple media outlets are reporting Latin pop star JENNI RIVERA was working for violent drug cartels before her horrific death in a fiery plane crash.

Mexican media reported that Rivera reputedly performed at parties and events for the Beltran Leyva cartel, one of drug plagued country’s most powerful and dangerous gangs.

An attorney for the seamy drug lords told Reforma, a Mexican daily, that Rivera snorted cocaine at the lavish soirees.

The lawyer, whose name was not made public, tofd the tabs his duties consisted of  signing musical talent for the Levya cartel, and Rivera, while born north of the border in California, eagerly participated.

 Univision reported that Rivera, 43, worked alongside notorious drug kingpin Edgar Valdez Villarreal, or “El Barbie,” who once brutally kicked the singer for an imagined slight.

The lawyer’s allegations arise from 2009, the same year Rivera had been detained at the Mexico City Airport for carrying more than $50,000 in cash — about $30,000 more than she admitted to law enforcement. She was later released.

Rivera denied any connection to the venomous cartels months later to ¡Hola! Magazine.

“Yes, it is true that at times you are not aware of who contracts you (for a show),” she admitted.  “They tell you that you will sing at a certain place and that they will pay you a certain amount of money.”

That year, Rivera’s second husband, Juan Lopez, was imprisoned in 2009 for selling drugs.

Yet as The ENQUIRER reported previously the owner of the plane that crashed in Mexico, killing Rivera and five others, remains under investigation by Federales for suspected ties to drug trafficking – something the owner has, denied for years.