Jailhouse Rocked! Computer Glitch Frees 25 Suspects

Jailhouse Rocked! Computer Glitch Frees 25 Suspects thumbnail
Cops: 25 suspects went out the swinging doors of a Dallas lockup because of a sudden computer glitch!
According to CBS DFW law enforcement authorities say the suspects were released because the paperwork supporting their arrests didn't make it to prosecutors in time
The major league snafu  comes as  Dallas Police are introducing a new computerized record management system that replaces the old system, which had been in place for the past 30 years –the floppy disc era.
"Because of that backlog, some of those cases did not reach Dallas county within the required 72 hours," Dallas Police Department Deputy Chief Christina Smith said. "We are working with the District Attorney's office to get those cases refiled."
Deputy Chief Smith explained  input mistakes may have occurred because no one knew how to work the new system all that well.
 "Basically it's just a familiarity with how the new system works, what to put in certain boxes in the data input, and sometimes certain boxes weren't completed, and so things are going back for correction."
Most of the released suspects were arrested for property crimes and very few were violent offenders.  None were homicide suspects and one had been arrested for robbery. A few had been accused of family violence, which may cause additional problems for their alleged victims, cops say.
Cops are mounting a manhunt to locate the freeded alleged perps and at least one suspect is back in custody.