DEVASTATED Jackie Kennedy was so shocked and stunned as she circled the emergency room table where her mortally wounded husband John F. Kennedy lay, she didn’t realize she was holding a large chunk of his brain in her hands!

That heartbreaking revelation comes from eyewitness accounts in the shocking new book by the President’s doctors at Parkland Hospital “WE WERE THERE: Revelations from the Dallas Doctors Who Attended to JFK on November 22, 1963”.

“Jackie Kennedy was circling the room, walking behind my back,” recalls anesthesiologist Dr. M.T. “Pepper” Jenkins.

 “She looked shell-shocked. As she circled and circled, I noticed her hands were cupped in front of her, as if she were cradling something.

“As she passed by, she nudged me with an elbow and handed me what she had been nursing with her hands – a large chunk of her husband’s brain tissue. I quickly handed it to a nurse.”

The blood-splattered First Lady had been hiding the chunk of her hubby’s head since she’d climbed over the back of the motorcade convertible to retrieve it just moments after the fatal shots. As the limo rushed to the Parkland ER, Jackie cradled Jack on her lap.

And she continued to try to comfort him once they’d arrived at the hospital.

Resident surgeon Adel Nafrawi witnessed the First Lady’s tender time with her dead husband, how she removed his wedding ring, kissed him and put the simple band on her own finger. Just hours earlier, the First Couple

were beaming as they landed at Dallas’ Love Field. There wasn’t a hint of looming tragedy anywhere.

Jackie, beautiful and classy in one of her trademark pink outfits with matching hat, was handed a bouquet of red roses, as they climbed into a limo which had the protective bubble top removed. Cheering and waving crowds lined the motorcade route.

“The people couldn’t have been friendlier, the crowd more wonderful, or more generous in their reactions to the President,”

recalls Nellie, wife of Texas Gov. John Connally, who would also be wounded in the assassination.

She remembers turning to JFK and saying, “Mr. President, you can’t say that Dallas doesn’t love you.”

Then heartbeats later, at 12:30 p.m. as the motorcade passed through Dealey Plaza, witnesses say three shots rang out.

Kennedy was mortally wounded with his head blown apart and Jackie was splattered with her husband’s blood.

After doctors failed to revive the Commander-in-Chief, and the priest arrived, Jackie went to JFK’s side for a final, heartbreaking farewell.

“She kissed the President on the foot, on the leg, on the thigh, on the abdomen, on the chest and then on the face,” says Jenkins. “She still looked drawn, pale, shocked and remote.

“Then the priest began the Last Rites…”

Dr. Robert McClelland says Jackie started to walk away.

The President “had already been covered up with a sheet…his right foot was sticking out.

“And as she passed by, she leaned over and kissed his foot, and then she walked out of the room.”