Iraq War Vet Busted For DUI 3 Times In One Week

Iraq War Vet Busted For DUI 3 Times In One Week thumbnail

COLORADO woman may have set a new world record for bad driving – she was ar­rested THREE times for DUI in one week!

But Iraq War vet Kimberly Mi­cheloni, who’s currently being held behind bars on $225,000 bond, says there’s more to her case than meets the eye. And she’s desperate to tell her side of the story.

“No one should go through this,” said the devastated 40-year-old from the town of Parker. “No one should be trapped in a box.”

Police records show that Kimberly was first arrested on May 13 after a minor accident in which she struck another car, and cops suspected she was un­der the influence. The next day, she was found asleep behind the wheel in her driveway with the car running, and she failed a roadside sobriety test. And on May 20, a witness says she saw Kimberly’s pickup truck speeding, weaving and clipping several curbs. The witness then alerted the authorities. That was Kimberly’s third DUI of the week, and she was also charged with child abuse because her 14-year-old daughter was in the vehicle.

According to the police reports, Kimberly underwent breath and blood tests for alcohol and drugs, but the results have not been re­leased.

During an emotional interview from the Douglas County Deten­tion Center, Kimberly explained that she’s an Air Force veteran who has a titanium plate in her foot, is in constant pain and suf­fers from post-traumatic stress disorder.

“I never should have gone to Iraq,” she said. “We were on con­voys and got hit constantly. I die at least ten times every day. I saw a lot of things that nobody should see.”

Kimberly claims she also suffered broken ribs and has taken Xanax, Ambien and other medications for pain and anxiety. But she insisted: “I don’t drink. I can’t tolerate alcohol, not even for a second. It makes me throw up.”

In the jailhouse interview, she added: “Never in my life did I take anything without a pre­scription. The VA was giving me all my meds.”

Kimberly, an office manager with the IRS, says she lost her job because she had to take too much time off to obtain treat­ments at the VA.

“Before, I wanted to wear the uniform,” she said. “Ser­vice and integrity is all you live for. We were in combat – we were killing people and saving lives. Now I’m back and I’m all screwed up and I feel bad because I could have hurt some­body. I know I hurt my husband.

“I’ll be in here forever. I’ll never see my daughter graduate and I’ve ruined her life.

“I’m so sorry if I hurt anyone. It’s wrong – it’s just wrong.”