“Some lives are NOT worth saving,” the heartbroken mother of convicted Dutch thug JORAN van der SLOOT revealed after his sentence was handed down.

He had listened impassively as he was sentenced to 28 years in prison – but once out of sight of a worldwide television audience Joran exploded in a violent rage.

The 24-year-old convicted murderer struggled with guards, kicked a wall and screamed in anger after learning that he was being immediate­ly transferred to Peru’s toughest prison, leav­ing behind the cushy cell filled with amenities he had bought with bribes.

“Then he turned on his attor­ney, accusing him of letting him down and telling him he had no intention of paying the lawyer’s $4,000 fee,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

Joran had faced 30 years for the murder of 21-year-old Stephany Flores, but he’d expected a much lower sentence in return for pleading guilty.

And instead of rul­ing the roost at Miguel Castro Castro prison, where he had free access to drugs and girls, he’s serving hard time at the Piedras Gordas prison in the remote high desert in northern Lima, where he was immediately placed on suicide watch.

Evil Joran was also accused in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, 18, during her visit to Aruba six years ago.

In another devastating blow for the arrogant son of a wealthy family, he’s now been abandoned by his heartbroken mother.

Mary Hamer, a radiologist from Florida who championed Joran’s fight for freedom, revealed that she received a crushing e-mail from Anita van der Sloot.

Hamer said Joran’s mother told her: “Some lives are NOT worth saving.”