CODY JOHNSON was frustrated that his bride of eight days, Jordan Linn Graham, didn’t want to have sex with him and was ready to leave her before she pushed him to his death at Glacier National Park in July.

That’s the REAL story behind the sensational murder case that’s gripped the nation – and only The ENQUIRER has the inside details.

After months of insisting that she had acted in self-defense, Jordan finally admitted in a Missoula, Mont., court on Dec. 12 that she had killed her new groom by pushing him face-first off a 200-foot cliff during a heated argument. She accepted a second-degree murder plea.

“It was a reckless act,” Jordan told the judge, who demanded the truth about what happened. “I just pushed.”

A source revealed to The ENQUIRER that the 22-year-old was “frightened to death” of being intimate with Cody. “The thought of having sex with her husband made her physically ill, and she would fly into a panic,” the source disclosed. “It made him frustrated. Jordan believed Cody was going to want her to do all sorts of kinky things in the bedroom. She was afraid.”

Kimberly Martinez, matron of honor at the couple’s June 29 wedding, testified in court that Jordan texted her, saying that she knew Cody would ask her to “do stuff I’m not wanting to.”

When Martinez urged her to tell her husband, Jordan replied: “I feel like it’s my job to make him happy, even if I’m miserable.”

Jordan also claimed that she was afraid of Cody’s temper, but sources say it was she who could lash out viciously.

“Jordan made up stuff,” said the source. “And if you didn’t believe her, she would blow up. It was frightening.”

An insider said Jordan was “on the verge of a breakdown” at the time of the murder and had even threatened to kill her mother and stepfather about five weeks before Cody’s death.

“She’d flipped out,” said the insider. “Jordan had begun to lose her mind. I think that she realized that Cody was fed up with her, fed up with her crazy behavior and wanted out.”

Too embarrassed to admit that her marriage had failed after only eight days, Jordan devised a plan to kill Cody and try to pass it off as an accident, experts theorized. Fortunately, justice prevailed. She faces life in prison and is scheduled to be sentenced on March 27.