Published on: June 25, 2012
Photography by: Getty Images News

Convicted pedophile JERRY SANDUSKY taunted by prisoners singing Pink Floyd child abuse song.

At the Centre County Correctional Facility when Sandusky was housed in December, an inmate known as “Josh” told The Daily that he and other prisoners sang the well-known lyrics from Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” to then newly accused Sandusky.

“At night, we were singing ‘Hey, teacher, leave those kids alone,’” Josh said.

Though Sandusky was held alone in a separate cell reportedly designated for sex offenders and/or mental illnesses, he was still visible to other prisoners

And as soon it was lights out, it was sing-a-long time.

While he’s awaiting final sentencing, Sandusky remains under suicide watch.

Prison authorities are concerned Sandusky’s incarceration may prompt a chorus of “Goodnight, Irene” followed by a shiv in the dark.