A terrifying 'zombie cannibal', high on bath salts, attacked police officers with super human strength and threatened to eat them.

Frightened golfers at a driving range in Alpharetta, Georgia, called the cops when 21-year-old Karl Laventure went on a hysterical rampage running around half naked waving a golf club, reported WSBTV.com.

Video footage shows the crazed man being held down by several officers as he screams incoherently about God, Biggie and Tupac, and then threatens, "I'll eat you! Don't make me eat you."

Cannibal zombie alleged madman Laventure "came running at us out of the woodline," Officer Ross Hancock of the Gwinnett County Police Department told WSBTV, and when his partner blasted him with painful pepper spray. "He didn't even wipe his eyes, he just kept them open."

The lack of response called Hancock to pull out his Taser, and although Laventure initially went down, he hopped right back up again.  "We had to Tase him approximately five more times on scene to get him down. It took several officers to hold him down to get him cuffed," revealed the officer.

"He was still talking gibberish, still cussing, still saying he wanted to eat us, eat other people."

The possessed man was restrained long enough to get him to the hospital in an ambulance, but when there the insanity started again and he had to be Tasered another 14 times. He was charged with misdemeanor offenses of disorderly conduct and obstruction.

"I've never had to encounter somebody who acted like this before, so there's no telling what they may do when they are high on this drug," explained Hancock.

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