A tormented daughter did what cops couldn’t do – find the thug who’s suspected of killing her dad 26 years ago!

Aspiring actress, Joselyn Martinez, now 36, from The Bronx, New York, spent years tracking to find the man who brutally gunned down her father, José “George” Martinez, in front of his Dominican restaurant in November 1986 — when she was only 9.

The suspected killer was identified by NYPD after the slaying, but managed to escape not only the cops but flee the city.

Years later, Miami police nabbed Justo Santos, 43, after help from the NYPD — and the victim’s determined daughter, Joselyn, an amateur but very effective online sleuth.

“I always kept the name in mind,” Martinez told the NY Post. “After so many years of not being caught, it wasn’t a reality to me anymore.”

She had kept Santos’ wanted posters as a reminder of her father’s killer.

And when she started using use social media about a decade ago, she kept her eyes peeled for the alleged perp.

Jocelyn said, “In 2004, when I started using MySpace, that’s when I got into using social media” to try and find a clue to Santos’ whereabouts.

After an exhaustive Internet search, Joselyn found a match for the suspect and called homicide detectives at the 34th Precinct.

NYPD then worked with Miami police to find Santos, who was then booked for murder.

Santos is now in custody at a detention center in Miami while detectives travel from New York to the sunshine state for extradition back to New York where he’ll face charges from the 1986 killing.