Prime suspect GARY GIORDANO who was freed after being held by Aruba law enforcement authorities, broke his silence on TV.  

The Maryland businessman told Good Morning America viewers that he had nothing to with the disappearance of Robyn Gardner while the two enjoying a swinging vacationed in Aruba.

Giordano said facts in the case had been widely "misreported."

Appearing on “GMA”, Giordano kept mum about what actually happened the day Gardner disappeared.

Giordano claimed he told Dutch investigators the story "50, 60 times."

He has maintained his story that Gardner disappeared while the two snorkeled off the Caribbean hotspot.

"There are hard questions, like, ‘He took her to remote location,'" Giordano said,

"But we were 100 yards from a scuba diving store with tanks in back. It was not a 'remote location.' “We were in view of other people at Baby Beach."

Giordano was released from police custody after a judge ruled prosecutors didn't have enough evidence to keep him imprisoned.

On the show he alleged that white slavers may have kidnapped the snorkeling blonde and his attempt to cash in her insurance policy had been under advisement of his prior attorney.

Before hiring new lawyer, Jose Baez who had repped exonerated murder mom Casey Anthony, Giordano had been in police custody for nearly four months.

He met the Maryland blonde beauty, 34, through a swingers dating website before rendezvousing in the Caribbean party port.