Disgraced pol and john-at-large Client #9 aka ELIOT SPITZER’s favorite madam and electoral rival  KRISTIN DAVIS arrested for selling prescription painkillers, say feds.

Davis, 38, the former Manhattan Madam who supplied the ex-NY gov Spitzer and others with high-priced call girls has been busted on charges of selling prescription painkillers, law enforcement authorities announced.

“As alleged, Kristin Davis sold prescription pills not once, but rather four different times in four months to an FBI cooperating witness. This type of criminal activity is illegal for citizens, and is especially unbecoming for a person seeking public office in the City of New York,” FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge George Venizelos told media.

According to feds, Davis allegedly sold hundreds of pills, including oxycodone, for cash.

Davis has been charged with four counts of distributing and possessing with intent to distribute a controlled substance. Each count carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

The alleged drug sales occurred between January and April of this year, according to authorities.

She had been running against Spitzer for the office with NYC comptroller.

With Anthony Weiner running for mayor and an-ex madam and her number one john competing for the same office, this is may be the worst batch of scandal ridden pols running for office since the days of Tammany Hall.