WAS accused killer JODI ARIAS inspired by the Alfred Hitchcock movie “Psycho”? Darkest secrets REVEALED!

A TV news show recently raised that question by comparing the bru­tal murder of Arias’ ex-boyfriend to the iconic shower scene in “Psycho.” But The ENQUIRER has discov­ered that the twisted temptress is claiming that her alleged victim was the one with a “Psycho” fixation!

On national news network HLN’s “After Dark,” crime experts noted parallels between the Hitchcock classic and the vicious stabbing of Arias’ ex-beau, Travis Alex­ander. Chillingly, they pointed out how photos the brunette vixen snapped of Alexander in the shower moments before his death are eerily similar to the movie scene in which Janet Leigh’s character is brutally slaughtered by a knife-wielding lunatic.

BUT in a book Ariai is penning behind bars, The ENQUIRER has discovered, she claims that Alexan­der had a sick fascination with the Hitchcock movie – and it sparked the killing that now has her on trial for murder in Phoenix, Ariz.

An insider who has visited Arias in Phoenix’s Es­trella jail reveals the deadly beauty is writing her story in longhand on legal pads. In it, the source says, Arias claims it was Alexander’s idea to bring a knife into the bathroom where the fatal attack originated.

“Jodi said that Travis wanted to recreate the fa­mous scene from ‘Psycho,’” revealed the insider. “She claims he was sexually aroused by the idea of a naked woman being attacked in a shower, but when he started roughing her up, things got out of hand.

“If not for that, she says the knife she used never would have been in the bathroom to be­gin with.”

Arias is facing the death pen­alty for Alexander’s gruesome 2008 murder. She admits to stabbing the devout Mormon multiple times, shooting him in the head and slitting his throat so viciously he was nearly decapi­tated. She claims she was abused and acted in self-defense.

Despite over­whelming evidence against her, Arias remains confident she’ll be acquit­ted. And to finance her life outside of prison, she’s hoping to cash in with a best-selling book. It’s similar to the plan of O.J. Simp­son, who hoped to reap big bucks with his book “If I Did It,” a thinly veiled account of the murder of his ex-wife.

Meanwhile, sources say she’s already cashing in with pals who are helping Arias rake in up to $3,000 apiece for drawings she made on a legal pad during her trial by selling them online.

In another bombshell revelation, Arias also claims that she got preg­nant by Travis but lost the baby – and his reaction devastated her.

“He was so coldhearted about it she felt as though HE had stabbed HER in the heart,” noted the in­sider. “She says it killed her to see how he could turn against her and treat her so horribly.”

Incredibly, Arias has big plans for the future. As The ENQUIRER previously reported, she wants to run off with her jailhouse lesbian lover, have a baby via IVF and move to Europe.

“Jodi wants to be free, have fun and enjoy the rest of her life after being locked up for five years,” said the insider. “And she figures that writing a best-seller will help her to achieve that goal.”