BOSTON bomber DZHOKHAR “Jahar” TSARNAEV was hid­ing more from his friends and college classmates than a desire to kill innocent Amer­icans. He was a major pothead with an addiction to pornography.

The ENQUIRER has learned the mop-topped 19-year-old and self-avowed Muslim was frequently stoned out of his mind and surfed the Internet porn sites, incessantly seeking sex videos of his favorite types of women – big breasted women!

A friend from High School said that while Jahar tried to portray himself as “a very firm Muslim,” he displayed little evidence of his religious convictions.

“Jahar loved to party with cocaine and smoked a lot of marijuana,” the friend revealed.

“He would also drink a lot and was an Internet porn addict, visiting sites with free videos where he would find X-rated clips of busty beauties and play the videos over and over again.”

Jahar became obsessed with busty girls after escorting a well-endowed date to his high school prom. He often commented about how she was stacked, a friend said.

Customers at the Cadillac Lounge, a seedy strip club, some 25 miles from Jahar’s dorm room at the University of Massachusetts  Dartmouth, said they’d definitely seen him several times in the club, where 40 girls dance and entertain men in private VIP rooms.

Ryland Stevens, a sophomore and college classmate of Jahar at UMass Dartmouth, lived one floor above the terror suspect at the Pine Dale Hall dorm. Stevens said Jahar was a major partier who “smoked a lot of pot.”

“I’ve seen him smoke weed on several different occasions, and he always looked very high and spaced out whenever I’d see him,” said Stevens.

The ENQUIRER has also learned that Jahar appeared to be as “high as a kite” when he was on the run from police.

 Auto mechanic Gilberto Junior, owner of Junior Auto Body, Inc., in Somer­ville, Mass., came face to face with Jahar less than 24 hours after the bombings and says he was certain “(Jahar) was on drugs” when he showed up at his shop.

Jahar seemed desperate to pick up a white Mercedes station wagon he’d dropped off a few weeks be­fore with a damaged rear bumper. He’d said the car belonged to a girlfriend.

 Junior said Tsarnaev often brought in cars for wealthy friends from Bos­ton University and MIT, and always paid in cash. What was strange was that Jahar showed up the day after the bombings wanting the car back early, clearly on edge.

“He was very nervous, biting his nails, agitated,” Junior said. “I thought he was on drugs, medica­tion.” Junior didn’t report it to police. Tsarnaev took the Mercedes without having it fixed.

The Mercedes was not the car that the Tsarnaev brothers were in when cops cor­nered them in Watertown, killing Jahar’s brother Tamerlan, while Jahar sped off, running over his brother. He later ditched the vehicle and escaped on foot.

Junior said that when Jahar de­manded the station wagon back, he wasn’t dressed in his usual clothes. He was wearing Louis Vuitton sneak­ers and Burberry jeans, and his hair was shorter than he’d seen it before. “When I later heard what he did I felt like I was going to pass out,” said Ju­nior. “I was overcome by emotions, but mainly anger and sadness.”

Two days after the bombings, Ja­har seemed more relaxed, according to students who attended a party where the killer-on-the-run showed up.

In postings on his Twitter account, Jahar made references to the horror he had unleashed, calling one report about a fatality, a “fake story.” In an­other post, he stated: “I’m a stress free kind of guy.”

Not anymore.

He’s been charged with using a weapon of mass de­struction that rocked the nation and now faces the death penalty.