Lawyer for accused wife killer DREW PETERSON thinks a juror’s Tweet may compromise the prosecution’s case and set the "Bolingbrook Bluebeard" free.

Peterson’s lawyer Joel Brodsky told the Wall Street Journal  that his client could possibly walk thanks to a social media savvy juror when the case goes to trial.

"That would be ripe grounds for a mistrial, for throwing out a conviction or an acquittal, and we'd have to go through the process all over again," Brodsky said.

Brodsky "may ask the court to require jurors to disclose information, such as Twitter handles and Internet Protocol numbers that track Web use," according to the WSJ.

Peterson, a former cop, who is accused of killing Wife #3 KATHLEEN SAVIO, remains behind bars for a third year while awaiting trial.

His legal team has failed on numerous occasions to Peterson released on bail while the judicial system slowly moves forward.

As THE ENQUIRER previously reported Savio’s death was first considered a drowning but after exhuming her remains, there was evidence allegedly linking Peterson to the murder.

Peterson’s wife # 4, STACY PETERSON, remains missing.