Gang of thieves who never left a clue behind on their raids were nabbed by cops after posting their stolen swag on social media, cops say.

The gang is alleged to have committed and average of two burglaries a week since February 2013 approximately over a 100 crimes before being apprehended.

The thefts took place in Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Ventura counties and in parts of Northern California and Nevada.

The gang from Long Beach, Ca.  allegedly stolen more than $1million worth of gold bars, watches and jewelry from the Indian community. The Indians were targeted, say cops, because they in the course of their religious ceremonies and cultural events many Indians wear gold

Four men remain in custody, one woman bailed out and another four men are still being hunted in a statewide manhunt.

Police confirm that in custody are  Salvador, 24, and Ivan Ramirez, 22, are in custody and charged with leading the criminal conspiracy, along with Albaro Miranda, 24, and Juan Guerro, 22. Teresa Ramirez, 57, has been bailed while police are still seeking Marco Coronel, 21, Aaron Flores, 20, Marco Gonzalez, 20, and Juan Carlos Olague, 22.

Gary Pentis from Ventura County Sheriff's Department told media that the notorious burglary ring wore gloves and not a single DNA trace was found.

But the gang was so pleased with themselves, they showed off their swag – online.

The accused thieves posted pictures of themselves online wearing expensive watches, taking selfies next to gold bars and holding stacks of dollar bills, which law enforcement used to track them down.

According to NBC Los Angeles, sheriffs are hoping the suspects can be prosecuted in several precincts meaning consecutive prison sentences of more than ten years.