AN armed robber who tried to stick up a convenience store was busted – by his own mother!

Cops say 22-year-old Roy Lynn Mitchell walked into a convenience store in Brandon, Miss., pulled out a gun and demanded money from the clerk.

But his mom was in the back of the store, and when she realized what was hap­pening, she grabbed the gun and ordered him to leave!

“This was a first for us. We’ve never had an armed robbery where the guy’s been busted by his own mom,” Chris Butts, assistant chief of the Brandon police department, told The ENQUIRER.

I can see him now ending up on one of those dumbest crooks TV shows.”

The bizarre incident unfolded on July 3 when Mitchell and his mom Sharron went into D’s One Stop store, cops say. While she went to the back of the store, Mitchell took a bag of Doritos to the counter.

“When the clerk opened the cash register, he pulled out a gun, pointed it at her and said: ‘Give me all your money,’” explained Butts.

But Sharron heard the commotion and jumped into action.

“When I saw Roy with the gun, I was horrified!” she recalled. “At first, I didn’t know what to do. But then I saw how scared the clerk was, so I snatched the gun out of Roy’s hand and told him to get out of the store.”

The store’s surveillance cameras caught the whole thing on tape, along with mother and son driving off in a red Oldsmobile. Cops nabbed Mitchell 30 minutes later.

The hapless crook has been charged with armed robbery and faces life in prison if convicted. Amazingly, his mom is all for him serving jail time.

“He should be punished,” she said. “He could have gotten us both killed.”

Sharron says she had no idea her son had a gun hidden under his T-shirt, and cops don’t consider her a suspect.

“The way we see it, she’s somewhat of a hero,” Butts told The ENQUIRER.

“We found out later that the gun was just a toy, but it looked very real. His mother saved what could have been a real messy situation.”