The stripper with an AK-47, LEE GRACE DOUGHERTY, has been reportedly singing to Feds, ratting out her own fugitive sibling brothers!
The LA Times reported that Lee Grace Dougherty, 29, an Orlando, Florida stripper who’s pornographic imagery lit up the internet has already made statements that she's getting cozy with law enforcement.
The Dougherty gang — the three Florida siblings who captivated the country — remain in custody as Feds and local law enforcement try to sort out extradition issues.

 Pasco County Sheriff's officials wouldn’t comment on whether this may point to a possible Lee Grace defense stratagem or if she’s hot to turn state's evidence against her brothers in exchange for a lighter sentence via plea bargain.

As The ENQUIRER previously reported, Lee Grace Dougherty, who was shot and injured during her apprehension by Colorado law enforcement authorities, appears to have taken responsibility for her criminal acts.
She had told police that "I pointed my gun at the cop ..I deserved to get shot.”
The Dougherty Gang were back in court today and may face additional charges if they committed other criminal acts during their interstate flight from justice.

UPDATE: Prosecutors today charged Ryan and Dylan Dougherty with 24 and 23 offenses, respectively. The most serious charges were attempted murder and first-degree assault. Lee Grace was charged with 29 counts which includes firing at police officers. All three appeared in court today but did not enter pleas.The Dougherty Gang remains in federal custody on a bond of $1.25 million each.