Cop shootin', bank robbin' DOUGHERTY sibs post sexy pix, go on crime spree rampage. NOW The FBI (and their MOM) needs YOUR help!
"These folks are armed and dangerous," Police Commander Brian Childress, Valdosta, Georgia warned. "If you see them, don't approach them. Don't be obvious. Just pick up the phone and dial 911."
Feds are now hunting a trio of siblings who authorities say committed multiple crimes across the US.
The three Doughertys robbed a bank in Georgia at gun point and then led cops on a high-speed, no holds-barred chase through the Sunshine State where they stand accused of attempting to kill a cop.
The suspects – Ryan Dougherty, 21, Dylan Dougherty Stanley and Lee Dougherty, a former stripper 29 – began their war with the law Aug. 2, cops told media.


Police tried to pull the three Doughertys over for speeding but the crazed clan put the pedal to the metal in a high speed pursuit hitting 100 mph through suburban Zephryhills, Florida.
During the chase, cops alleged, two of the Doughertys fired nearly two dozen shots at the cop car, taking out one of its tires.
They are believed to be brandishing AK-47s they acquired at a pawnshop.
200 miles, hours later, in the hamlet of Valdosta, Ga., across the Florida state line, three masked suspects believed to be the Dougherty gang stormed a bank.
"As the robbers entered the bank, shots were fired toward the ceiling, and everyone in the bank was instructed to get down," the FBI told media.
The robbers obtained an undisclosed sum of money, then "departed the bank and were observed fleeing in an older-model, white, four-door sedan."
The Dougherty gang’s mom Barbara Bell issued a plaintive plea for her kids to surrender to police."Only mom knows what good people you are inside," Bell told WFTS 28 News,Tampa. "Please prove me right and everybody wrong by doing the right thing now and turning yourselves in."
According to ABC, each sib has a criminal past. Between the three of them they have about 20 felonies total, AND Ryan Dougherty is a registered sex offender over explicit texts he sent an 11-year-old girl.
The Doughertys were using an elaborate underground bunker made of three cargo containers wired for electricity hidden beneath their home in Florida, The FBI said.
Anyone who sees The DOUGHERTYS or knows their whereabouts call the FBI at (404) 679-9000