Bestiality Charges!

Sickos Pimp Out Dogs As Prostitutes

California town rocked by perverted sex scandal!

Sickos Pimp Out Dogs As Prostitutes thumbnail

The town of Stockton, Calif., has been shocked by charges of a bizarre sex ring that’s been renting out dogs for sex!

Outraged citizen Lizet Avila ignited the firestorm after stepping in to free three poor canines that she believes were turned into prostitutes for men obsessed with bestiality!

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She was joined by her brave mother, who confronted the owners: “My mom was, like, ‘No, you’re renting those dogs — don’t lie to me and don’t cover it up. You don’t have a heart!”

Avila had become aware of the sick situation through social media, and went to the trailer where residents lived.

Cheryl Zuniga, who works with Second Chance Kitty, had the animals examined by a veterinarian who found injuries that seemingly confirm the horrific charges!

Emma and Ava were found to have “vaginal trauma,” in addition to other vaginal infections.

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Phillip Zimmerman is the Animal Services Manager in Stockton, and confirmed that police had been informed of “some possible sexual abuse that had occurred to some animals” — adding that the investigation had just begun, and “we are interviewing people now.”

Lobo, a male Husky, showed no signs of abuse. Ava has the worst infection, but surgery is being postponed after doctors found that she is pregnant with a litter of 10 puppies.