JAMES HOLMES, the accused DARK KNIGHT gunman made his first appearance in court after the rampage that stunned the nation.

An unshaven, handcuffed James Holmes — his unkempt hair dyed orange-red and a dazed look on his face — was accused of going on a deadly shooting rampage at a midnight screening of “The Dark Knight Rises” in Colorado.

 Holmes, 24,  sat motionless, his eyes tired and drooping as the judge advised him of the case against him.

Holmes had been held in solitary confinement at an Arapahoe County detention facility since his arrest early Friday morning.

Holmes is held on suspicion of first-degree murder and could also face additional counts of aggravated assault and weapons violations.

Law enforcement disclosed that the self-proclaimed “Joker – enemy of Batman”  is refusing to cooperate.

Eighteenth Judicial District Attorney Carol Chambers said Monday her office is considering pursuing the death penalty against Holmes.

Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates said the former doctoral student has "lawyered up" following the shooting at an Aurora, Colorado theater that left 12 dead and 58 wounded – many in critical condition.

"He's not talking to us," the chief said.

Holmes has been held without bond at the lockup in Centennial, Colo., south of Denver and about 13 miles from the Aurora theater where the alleged blood bath occurred.

Holmes' apartment was filled with trip wires, explosive devices and unknown liquids, requiring police, FBI officials and bomb squad techs to evacuate the area while they spent nearly an entire day disabling the death traps.

According to reports, investigators found a Batman mask inside Holmes' apartment after they finished clearing the home.