Drug Den!

Day Care Center Owner Arrested — Was Cover For A Cocaine Empire

Millions of dollars worth of narcotics seized!

Day Care Center Owner Arrested — Was Cover For A Cocaine Empire thumbnail

A Los Angeles day care center that offered blocks and nap time to kids — and cocaine, meth and heroin to older customers — has been busted!

Homeowner Felipe Talamante — whose wife reportedly operated the unlicensed kiddie care — was arrested on charges he attempted to sell a whopping 44 pounds of the drug on May 25 to an undercover agent posing as a buyer.

Talamante arranged the deal with happy children playing right outside the house and a two-year-old tot being picked up, say investigators.

The value of the drugs is estimated to be about $430,000, but the street value is over $2 million!

“I’ve been in this business longer than I care to admit,” says L.A. attorney Mike Feuer, who claims the suspects bought the drugs from Mexico and then sold them in various neighborhoods across the U.S.

Telemante was also stashing meth, heroin and marijuana. His 19-year-old son Miguel was also arrested and could face drug charges for a possible connection to the ring.

Just two years ago, Talamante was cuffed at the same place for possessing 20 kilograms of coke, but inexplicably that case was dropped.

“The rampant drug activity we allege at this home is a dangerous blight on the community — and especially alarming because little kids are caught up in the middle of it,” says an outraged Feuer.

“Imagine if your children were being cared for in the same house where cocaine was being sold!”