Cops say a teen viciously stabbed her best friend to death after posting naked selfies of them together on Facebook.

Mexican law enforcement charged that Erandy Elizabeth Gutierrez, 16, hacked and slashed away at her former best bud Anel Baez, 16, a gruesome 65 times in the vicious March 19 attack.

Prosecutors say that she wanted her revenge after being humiliated by the lurid nudies that were made public on the popular social media site. After a blowout, cops say,  the vic Baez asked her former “sister” to visit at her Guamúchil, Sinaloa state, hacienda to try and make peace.

According to Mexican wire services, when Gutierrez arrived she  asked to use the bathroom – but instead grabbed a knife from the kitchen and allegedly used the carving instrument to make mincemeat of  Baez.

Gutierrez immediately fled but was collared by federales when she attended Baez's grim funeral services several days later.

According to Notus, Gutierrez threatened her former BFF via a series of menacing Tweets weeks prior to the brutal murder, "It may seem that I am very calm, but in my head I have killed you at least three times," the site reported that she Tweeted on a now-deleted account.

Law enforcement will officially charge Gutierrez with murder sometime this week. But under Mexican law, since she is only 16, the accused killer will be prosecuted as a juvenile and if found guilty will face a maximum of seven years behind bars.