Orlando, Florida cops are hot on the heels of a suspect they call a “monkey” who’s been terrorizing  neighbors, breaking into cars and WORSE.

Law enforcement  continue to search for a monkey believed to be breaking into cars in a Tampa Bay neighborhood. reports a rhesus macaque has been spotted flitting above the trees, roaming the Mirabay neighborhood at will in Apollo Beach.

The monkey  is said to be breaking into cars and mucking things about, although nothing of value has been reported stolen.

Residents, mindful of several “mad monkey incidents,” want the primate remanded into police custody and moved elsewhere. Possibly to a zoo or another neighborhood.

Wildlife officials say a mystery monkey bit a woman in 2012 during an “unprovoked attack”.

It is unclear if this is the same mystery monkey – there may be more than one on the loose in Florida, the official state of weird and unusual crimes.