The disappearance of JESSICA HEERINGA, the Michigan mom, last seen working an Exxon station, has been reclassified as “abduction”, cops say.

Jessica, 25, made her last sale at the Exxon gas station in Norton Shores, Mich., at 11 p.m. on Friday, law enforcement said.

She was prepping to close the convenience store for the night, but 15 minutes later, authorities say  they received a call from a concerned customer reporting that there was no employee at the now deserted gas station.

"She was going to get out in 15 minutes," Shelly Heeringa, Jessica's mother, told ABC News.

"In 15 minutes that store would've been closed and she would've been on her way home."

Jessica’s purse and keys were left behind, her mother said.

Norton Shores Police Chief Daniel Shaw said robbery was evidently not a motive as the cash drawer was left untouched.

There were no surveillance cameras at the gas station. Investigators are forced to rely on tipsters to learn what occurred during the 15 minute interval that Jessica disappeared.

Authorities seek a silver minivan, possible a Chrysler Town and Country, that was seen in the vicinity prior to Jessica's vanishing.

ABC News reported that someone saw her “walk out of the store with this guy like there was no problem," but when they got to his van, a struggle ensued.