Cops accuse Oklahoma man of keeping his girlfriend captive and torturing her with an electric drill when she refused to buy him ingredients for making meth.

The Oklahoma McAlester News-Capital reported that Clyde Harshaw, 42, was arrested charged with kidnapping, assault and battery, maiming and rape by instrumentation.

Harshaw's girlfriend told law enforcement that Harshaw drugged her and tied her up with rope and extension cords at his McAlester home back in June.

Allegedly, he held her captive for five days, beating her with a hammer, cutting her with a knife, pouring acid on her wounds and pulling her hair out with a drill. She also told deputies he would inject her with  meth to test its strength.

Sheriff Joel Kerns told news media, “She alleged that he had taken a drill, with a bit still on it, put it at her head and turn the drill on. The hair would catch up in the drill and pull patches of hair out."

She told cops she escaped on July 10 when Harshaw was reportedly busy setting her clothes on fire. 

A passerby picked her the dazed woman and brought her to the local police.

After investigating the woman’s story, Harshaw was arrested two days later.

Sheriff Joel Kerns said that the vic told them that Harshaw reportedly went nuts and held her captive because she told him she was not going to buy a key ingredient for cooking meth. – Oklahoma City, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports |