Cops Hunt “Armed & Dangerous” Elvis Impersonator

Cops Hunt “Armed & Dangerous” Elvis Impersonator thumbnail

Whole lotta menace goin' on!

Some backwoods UK village is living in fear as cops launch manhunt for an Elvis impersonator believed to be armed and dangerous.

Law enforcement have spread a dragnet for  Derrel Weaver, 60, said to be wanted in connection with a domestic incident at a farm on Thursday, the Daily Mail reports.

Images have been released of Weaver with sunglasses, slick black hair and long sideburns reminiscent of The King.

Law enforcement says it is unclear whether he is armed, but added that it was a distinct possibility.

While Weaver may be singing “It’s Now or Never” cops are sure he’s headed for a “Jailhouse Rock” as heavily armed cops sweep the area.

Locals were warned to stay away from the potentially hip-gyrating menace as local schools closed as a precautionary measure.

“Police are not able to share much detail at this time but can say that this is a domestic situation and it is understood one of the occupants has access to firearms,” a police spokesman said.

Hours before the manhunt, Louisa Roe, 30, said the Elvis look-alike seemed reasonably sane, greeting her with a smile and friendly wave.

“I saw him in his truck at about 5:45 p.m.,” she said. “He waved and seemed absolutely fine.”

The fugitive describes himself on social media as a rock ’n’ roll singer and professional tree surgeon who trained with the National Trust.

“He’s known as Elvis — everyone calls him that,” said Ann Chudleigh, a neighbor. “I’ve seen him dressed up. He looks brilliant.”

“He does tape recordings of himself,” Chudleigh said. “When you listen to them, you wouldn’t know the difference.”

Meanwhile, cops could care less if he looked like Elvis Presley or Elvis Costello.