NYPD cracks the baffling mystery of KATIE COURIC’s spooky 911 calls The ENQUIRER has learned.

It was not Katie’s late hubby Jay Monahan signaling from beyond the veil but simply crossed wires.

“She was not the victim of any sort of scam,” a NYPD source said.

The ENQUIRER previously reported that police had rushed at least 10 times to Couric’s upper East Side apartment because someone was dialing 911 from a phone on a line still listed in her late husband’s name.

Katie was so confounded — many of the calls made around 2 a.m. — that she turned to Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly for help.

NYPD investigators initially believed she was being “spoofed ”a new racket allowing bunco artists to access voice mails that aren’t protected with a password then make calls to appear like they are originating from the vic’s digits.

A police source revealed after a thorough investigation that it was simply a “technical glitch.”

“There was old wiring that literally would get crossed and send out a series of tones.

“Occasionally, the tones would dial 911."

The score: NYPD 1, Afterlife 0.