After her son disappeared at a New Jersey carnival in 1991, the missing boy’s mother Michelle Lodzinski has finally been charged with his murder. VIDEO

Lodzinski , 47,  was arrested in Florida for the the death of her five-year-old son, Timothy, more than two decades ago.

The boy disappeared at a carnival at Kennedy Park in New Jersey in May of 1991, sparking a nationwide manhunt.

According to news reports, Lodzinski, took her son to the carnival, and allowed her son to ride on the attractions. It was reported that he asked for a drink and after she turned her back, he had disappeared.

The carnival was promptly shuttered by law enforcement while a desperate search that soon spread nationwide but no sign of Timothy could not be found.

The boy’s skeletal remains were discovered a year later, April 1992,  at Raritan Center, an industrial site at Edison, New Jersey.

Lodzinski admitted lying to the FBI about being abducted to Michigan in 1994 and pleaded guilty to theft in 1997, CBS News New York reported.

A grand jury in Middlesex County, New Jersey, handed up a damning indictment charging the 47-year-old with the murder of her son.

The grand jury charged that Lodzinski “did purposely or knowingly kill Timothy Wiltsey, or did purposely or knowingly inflict serious bodily injury upon Timothy Wiltsey, resulting in his death,” prosecutors said.

Middlesex County Prosecutor Andrew C. Carey praised the “the unceasingly vigilant efforts of numerous dedicated police officers who worked on the case over the years,” following Lodzinski’s arrest. 

Bail was set at $ 2million although it is unclear if the Port St. Lucie, Florida, accused murder mom will waive extradition and return to New Jersey to face trial