Two Washington state troopers have purchased burial plots next to JOSH POWELL's young sons to prevent family from burying him next to his victims.

The macabre chess move was made after media reports earlier said that Josh Powell's family had visited Woodbine Cemetery, picking out a plot near the boys, igniting a conflagration of controversy.

"The bottom line is, Josh Powell will not be near those two boys," Pierce County Sheriff's Sgt. Ed Troyer told radio station KIRO-FM in Seattle.

Troyer and Sheriff Paul Pastor used their own money and dipped into funds from Crime Stoppers Tacoma-Pierce County to pay for adjoining plots two and four at Woodbine Cemetery in Puyallup, Wash.

Charlie, 7, and Braden, 5, are buried together in plot three.

The boys were killed by a hatchet attack and died in an explosion set off by Josh Powell during a supervised visit at a property in Graham, Wash. on Feb. 5.

"Sheriff Paul Pastor states, 'It's Disgusting that a murder suspect would be buried next to his victims,'" Troyer Tweeted.

Crime Stoppers also launched an appeal for donations to pay for the total cost of the plots and plaques for the boys, expected to in the neighborhood of $5,000.

"We weren't too worried about the price. We know people will step up and donate toward it," Troyer said.