A man charged with cannibalism in Bridgeport, Connecticut is expected to use the old “insanity defense”.  

Tyree Lincoln Smith of Florida who is accused of killing and eating a homeless man in Connecticut will cop the “fruitcake (as in “nutty as”) defense” – insiders say.

The Connecticut Post related that a three-judge panel will start hearing evidence Monday in the gruesome toothsome case.

Police say Smith, 35, from Lynn Haven, Fla., allegedly used an ax to hack to pieces Angel Gonzalez, whose remains were found by investigators in an abandoned Bridgeport, Conn. home in December  2011.

Court documents reveal that Smith reportedly told his cousin that he took one of the vict’s eyes and a portion of brain matter scooped from the skull, ate them, and washed the stench of human flesh down with the Japanese rice wine sake in a nearby cemetery.

Public defender Joseph Bruckman said he’ll be calling two Yale University psychiatrists to give credence to the insanity claim.

Prosecuting attorney, John Smriga, will attempt to discredit the insanity plea and prove that Smith is simply a killer with bloodlust and a hunger marked by depravity.

If Smith is convicted of the murder, he may face up to 60 years behind bars. If he is found not guilty by reason of insanity, he could spending the rest of his life in a state mental hospital.