GILBERTO VALLE, the so-called “Cannibal Cop” accused of plotting to kidnap, cook and eat women has been found guilty in a Manhattan courthouse.

The New York Police Officer was arrested by Feds last year acting on a tip by his estranged wife Kathlee Mangan.

As The ENQUIRER reported previously Valle was a frequent visitor to extreme fetish sites involving the eating human flesh – specifically of women.

Prosecutors said Valle plotted online with others to abduct, torture and eat women he knew — including his wife.

His lawyer’s defense rested on his contention that it was just a harmless fantasy and had no intention of actually skinning anyone and then feasting on their flesh.

The federal prosecutor told the jury in closing arguments that Valle crossed the line from fantasy to reality when he illegally used his job to access a federal database to investigate a kidnap case of a woman who was abducted.

Valle's mother, Elizabeth, shook her head as the verdict was announced."I'm in shock and want to be left alone," she said moments after, saying, "This is going to kill my mother."