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A BURGLAR who forgot to take a mask with him thought he had a good idea when he broke into a restau­rant – he put a bucket on his head.

But the moron couldn’t see where he was going, and security cameras captured Richard Boudreaux, 23, stumbling along as he looked for the cash register.

Still, his bucket disguise might have worked, except for the fact that as he entered the restaurant and peeked around a corner, the security cameras captured his face and led to his arrest.

Cops in Slidell, LA., couldn’t con­trol their laughter over the case and issued a somewhat humorous state­ment: “A former employee of a local seafood business carefully planned his night of crime, but had one fatal flaw in his plan: a very bad disguise.

“Richard Boudreaux, 23-years-of-age, a former employee of Kenney’s Seafood, left his house last Tuesday night (Jan. 8) with the intent of going on a burglary spree in order to make some quick cash. Boudreaux dressed in all camouflage, wore gloves to pre­vent leaving fingerprints and packed burglary tools. Everything was going as planned until Boudreaux realized he forgot his mask to cover his identity.

“Remembering that his former place of employment had surveillance cameras, Boudreaux improvised and found a bucket to put over his head as he scoured the business, looking for money; however, the surveillance cam­eras caught a glimpse of his face which ultimately led to police identifying Boudreaux as the burglar. Boudreaux was able to get away with money from the cash register.”

Police said that Boudreaux then went to Jerry’s Buy and Sell pawn shop with the intention of stealing a gun.

But the hapless thief couldn’t get in (he also didn’t realize the pawn shop doesn’t sell weapons), so he went home, confident that his bucket dis­guise had worked.

But the restaurant owner knew who stole the loot as soon as he saw the security tape showing his former em­ployee before he donned the bucket.

Slidell police arrested Boudreaux at his home. He was charged with bur­glary and attempted burglary plus possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia that were found at his house.

Boudreaux told police that he broke into the restaurant because he was having money problems and had “bad blood” with the owner. He also said he tried to break into the pawn shop be­cause he wanted to get a firearm before any gun control laws were passed.

Comic Jimmy Kimmel joked about Boudreaux’s bucket during his talk show, calling it the “perfect disguise for any criminal who doesn’t want to see where he’s walking.”