Brave Dog Shot Twice Defending The Family She Loves!

Brave Dog Shot Twice Defending The Family She Loves! thumbnail

Bullets can’t stop super-pooch Charlie – she got shot twice and sacrificed a leg to save the youngsters she loved from gunfire.

On Feb. 22, the brave pup was happily relaxing at her Los Angeles home with her family and two littermates when the peace and quiet were suddenly shattered.

In a terrifying home invasion, two thugs broke inside. The dogs sprang into action to protect the two children, chasing the bad guys down the block.

But the criminals opened fire, hitting Charlie in her front and back right legs. Charlie fell to the ground, bleeding heavily.

It appeared the end was near. “Everybody said goodbye to the dog,” owner Armando Casillas recalled. “For us, she was dead.”

If the amazing dog had not taken the bullets for the kids, sources say one of them may have been hit.

Police arrived on the scene, and the badly injured, heroic dog was transported by Animal Control to a nearby shelter because the family could not afford complicated veterinary treatment. In need of surgery,

Charlie attracted the attention of animal lovers at the North Central Shelter Intervention Program, which reaches out to help pet owners.

The organization turned to the Internet and began a crowdfunding campaign. On the funding site, the shelter urged pet lovers to “raise the funds to help this loyal and heroic dog get the care she needs. And reunite her with her family!

“She misses them very, very much. every little bit helps.”

Good Samaritans opened their hearts and their wallets, donating enough money to help Charlie’s family pay for surgery.

More than $8,000 was raised. Incredibly, that was more than double the original goal. T

he operation was bittersweet for Charlie’s devoted family. They were delighted she would have expert attention but saddened that her badly damaged right front leg had to be amputated.

On Feb. 27, the family, who once feared their pet was dead on the street, was overjoyed to welcome home their loving pal.

Shelter workers dropped by for the reunion, and the thrilled tail-wagger couldn’t wait to lick everyone’s face.

After the happy homecoming, the shelter wrote on its Facebook page that Charlie “is being well taken care of and is very much loved. She is already finessing walking around on three legs! “

Her family was overwhelmed with gratitude for all who cared and chipped in to save Charlie.”

Happily, Charlie’s uplifting story will continue to help others. the excess funds that were raised will be put to use by the Intervention Program to assist other pets and pet owners in need.

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