Cops remove corpse of ALBERT DE SALVO The Boston Strangler to conduct forensics tests to prove once and for all that he WAS the infamous killer. VIDEO

Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel Conley announced that DNA taken from the body of the final strangler victim, number 11, Mary Sullivan in 1964, and a water bottle used by DeSalvo’s nephew showed a DNA “familial match.”

Investigators will definitively confirm the results, D.A. Conley said as it already amounts to a 99.9% match.

“Today's development may mean we have solved one of the most notorious cases in Boston's history," said Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley.

"One last step remains … to make a direct match with Albert DeSalvo's body."

Which investigatiors are in the process of digging up.

Casey Sherman, the last victim’s nephew said his grandfather had been notified of Mary’s murder by a news reporter.

"He said, ‘Is Mary in the hospital?’ The reporter said ‘No, your daughter is in the morgue.’"

DeSalvo was stabbed to death at the Massachusetts Correctional Institution — Walpole, 1973. He was serving a life sentence for rape and other crimes.