EVER hear the one about the blonde who robbed a bank and then posted a video on YouTube bragging about the crime?

It may sound like the set-up to a “dumb blonde” joke – but that’s EXACTLY what 19-year-old Han­nah Sabata of Stromsburg, Neb., did in November!

“I’ve encountered some dumb crooks in my time, but she takes the cake,” said York County, Neb., Sheriff Dale Radcliff, who’s been in law enforcement for 41 years.

“Some crooks we have to work to catch, but she handed herself to us on a plate. We couldn’t ask for a better piece of evidence to use against her.”

ON THE AFTERNOON OF Nov. 27, 2012, cops say Sabata walked into the Cornerstone Bank in Waco, Neb., and handed the teller a note that read: “You are being robbed. No alarm or locks or phones or ink bags. I have a loaded gun. You have two minutes.”

After getting her loot, she drove off in a stolen Pontiac Grand Prix, went home and turned on her video camera.

Still dressed in the same clothing she wore during the heist, she sat on the floor, looked into the camera and began holding up handwritten notes.

One by one, the notes detail the events of the day. Sabata admits to smoking pot, stealing the car, and then finally holds up a card that says: “Then I robbed a bank with a gun, a pillow case and a note.”

As she holds the piece of paper in front of the camera, she breaks into a huge grin and fans herself with a thick wad of cash – $6,256.

“I told my mom today was the best day of my life,” she wrote on her final note. “She just thinks I met a new boy.”

BUT Sabata’s super day was coming to an end. Her ex-husband and his mom recognized her from bank surveillance videos aired on the news that evening and immediately called the cops.

Authorities arrested Sa­bata at her apartment the following morning. In her home they found all but $30 of the cash, the license plates to the stolen Pontiac – and the incredibly incriminating video.

“When I took a look at it, I couldn’t believe it,” said Radcliff. “I thought, Hey, you just robbed a bank. How can you be that stupid?’ ”

Cops later found the Grand Prix not far from Sabata’s home. On the ground next to the car was a bracelet that said “I love Hannah” on it.

Sabata is now sitting in jail, facing 70 years behind bars for her crimes.

“She handed us one piece of evi­dence after another,” added Radcliff. “But, by far, the best piece of evi­dence is that video. How can she possibly deny she robbed the bank when there she is telling the whole world she did it?

“She’s got to be the dumbest bank robber in America!”