A woman was stabbed 40 times, including in the heart, and miraculously survived, police sources tell The ENQUIRER.

The gutsy woman, 35-year-old Alyssa Wilcynski, says a stranger followed her home to her Mott Haven apartment building in the Bronx, New York where he brutally attacked her on stairs close to the sixth floor, she recalled.

In an effort to ward off the thug, she put up a brave fight–biting the man's forearm and neck while he punched her in the head.  Alyssa says the blow "knocked me out for as second.  I guess when he saw me still he probably thought I was dead. And I thought I was a goner."

A neighbor alerted Wilcynski's husband, Patrick Sotomayor, about what had happened to his wife.

EMS was called and Alyssa was rushed to Lincoln Hospital. She underwent multiple operations to repair the slasher's handiwork, including open heart surgery, as well surgery to her kidneys and stomach.

She thanks God for not letting her die as well as the doctors who patched her up.  "They were great, " she said. "They saved my life. My heart was pierced and I'm alive to talk about it. 

"But I want the animal that did this to me off the streets so no one else suffers what I went through."