Move over, BONNIE & CLYDE! There’s a new pair of bank robbers around – and they’re a mother-daughter duo!

Evie Herrin, 57, and her daughter Amelia Crew, 30, are behind bars on charges they stuck up four banks – two in Louisiana, one in Mississippi and another in Texas.

“Bank robberies happen all the time, but it’s not something you think a mother and daugh­ter would get up to. Going out shopping together, yes, but not robbing banks,” Lt. Craig Sweeney of the Henderson, Texas, police department told The ENQUIRER.

“I’ve been a police officer since 1979, and I’ve never heard of a mother and daughter rob­bing banks.”

According to cops, the two shared an apartment in Cleve­land, Texas. Mom Evie is a retired postal worker, while her daugh­ter is reportedly on disability.

During their crime spree, Evie armed herself with a gun, and then walked into the banks wearing an ill-fitting wig, sun­glasses and surgical mask. She’d demand money, while getaway driver Amelia waited outside, police say.

Their first target was Iberia Bank in Kinder, La., where they made off with $6,000 on Feb. 13, according to authorities.

Next, they hit a Citizen’s Na­tional Bank in Henderson, Texas, on Feb. 28. Authorities haven’t disclosed how much money they got away with that day.

In their third holdup on March 15, they looted $4,730 from a MidSouth Bank in Sulphur, La.

On March 26, cops say Evie went into a Regions bank in Gulfport, Miss., threatened to shoot a teller in the face and got away with $12,651. The two were arrested just seven minutes later after cops chased them as they sped down Interstate 10.

“We were able to make an arrest real quick because of eye­witness accounts from the bank parking lot and because of the way we respond to bank rob­beries,” said Leonard Papania, deputy chief of the Gulfport po­lice department.

Cops found the money from the Regions bank, a wig and a BB gun in the duo’s car. Authori­ties remain mystified as to the women’s motives and the where­abouts of the rest of their loot.

“I’ve no idea why they were doing it or what they did with the money,” said Lt. Sweeney.

Mother and daughter are now in jail in Gulfport. Their trial is set for Oct. 1, and they face 10 to 99 years in jail if convicted.

Meanwhile, Evie’s Facebook page provides a clue to her char­acter. “I love to sing and ADORE being the center of attention – even if that requires me be­ing a GOOBER (goofball),” she writes.

While she’s certainly gotten attention, the only song she’s likely to be singing is “Jailhouse Rock!”