Thief Strips Naked After Dye Bomb Blows Up

Florida bank robber caught red—everything!

Thief Strips Naked After Dye Bomb Blows Up thumbnail
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Here’s a Florida knucklehead who claims he was just joking, trying to launch his career as a comedian, when he robbed a bank and stripped naked after a red dye pack exploded and stained his clothes —­ but lawmen aren’t laughing!

Authorities say 25-year-old Alexander Hayden Sperber instead launched his career as a criminal and are charging him with one count of bank robbery.

Court papers allege Sperber walked into the Regions Bank on posh SE 3rd Ave. in Fort Lauderdale, approached a bank teller, used a hand gesture to mimic a handgun and demanded money.

The quick-thinking employee put $7,500 in cash, a dye pack and a bait bill in a bag and handed it to Sperber, according to FBI documents. After the suspect left the bank, the dye pack exploded, staining all his clothing and a cast he was wearing on his wrist.

A witness took a cell phone video of Sperber running down Las Olas Boulevard “completely naked” and throwing $100 and $50 bills in the air!

“When I initially saw him I thought he was maybe a mental patient, but then when I heard about the bank robbery I thought it was more shocking and could’ve been dangerous,” revealed another witness to the incident.

Sperber was quickly taken into custody by the authorities. Cops wrapped the man in a yellow tarp, took him to the hospital and eventually booked him into jail.

An FBI special agent claims Sperber told him that he, “decided to rob a bank, flee by running naked down the street while throwing the money stolen during the bank robbery to people, in order to begin his career as a comedian.”