Just three months after being released from an Aruban prison, murder suspect GARY GIORDANO is back on the prowl, wooing women in Maryland bars!

Even more shocking, Giordano is tak­ing his dates to favorite hangouts of his alleged victim, 35-year-old Robyn Gardner – who police believe Giordano killed in Aruba in a bid to collect a $1.5 million travel insurance payout!

Now The ENQUIRER has obtained damning photos of Gior­dano chatting up an attractive Robyn look-alike at Uncle Julio’s restaurant in Gaithersburg , Md., on Feb. 26.

“I was stunned to see him here with a woman,” a source at the restaurant told The ENQUIRER.

“They sat at the bar, had a drink, split a single plate of food and left. They were laughing and seemed to be having a good time. It looked like a first date. They weren’t real snuggly, but obvi­ously they were enjoying each other’s company.

“My wife wanted to warn her, ‘Don’t you know who you’re with?!’

“I asked the waitress if she knew who he was. She said, ‘Oh, yeah,’ and confirmed that it was Gary Giordano. He paid the check with a credit card that had his name on it.”

Robyn, an out-of-work dental office assistant from Frederick, Md., often dropped by Uncle Julio’s, either alone or with her boyfriend Rich­ard Forester, confirmed another source at the restaurant.

“Every bartender here knew Robyn,” said the source. “We never saw Gary Giordano here be­fore Robyn went missing, but he’s been here several times since he got back from Aruba. He was here Feb. 18 with a different woman – a blonde in her 40s. They sat outside on the patio and had dinner.

“Gary is charismatic – a real charmer. If you didn’t know about Robyn, he could fool you into thinking he’s a nice guy.

“The bartenders always argue over who’s going to wait on him. Nobody wants to serve him.”

Robyn met Giordano, 50, on an online dating site and agreed to travel to Aruba with him. He claims that she disappeared while snorkeling on Aug. 2, 2011, but po­lice arrested him three days later after he tried to collect on the $1.5 million travel insur­ance policy that he’d taken out on her.

Although Giordano remains the prime suspect in Robyn’s disappearance, police had insuffi­cient evidence to charge him with murder and he was released after nearly four months in jail.

Since then, the twice-divorced technology consultant has also been spotted at another of Robyn’s favorite haunts, Clyde’s in Rockville, Md., sources say.

“This guy’s a piece of work,” a source told The ENQUIRER. “I think it’s creepy that he’s going to places where Robyn went.”