Published on: March 16, 2012
Photography by: "Kansas City Confidential"

Edward “Fast Eddie” Ma­her AKA “Stephen King” did all he could to keep a low profile after stealing $1.5 million in an armored car heist – but his big-mouth son blew it for him!

Maher, 56, was working as a security guard in Suffolk, Eng­land, when he drove off in an armored car with the loot. The car was later found aban­doned, but Fast Eddie and the money van­ished without a trace.

For 19 years, the fu­gitive and his family managed to stay hid­den by using aliases and phony documents and moving around constantly, including stints in Philadelphia, Pa.; Milwaukee, Wis.; St. Paul, Minn.; La­conia, N.H., and Grafton, Wis.

Neighbors all seemed to have the same impression – they were nice people who kept to themselves and suddenly moved out.

“We knew Maher as Stephen King,” James Coffey, the family’s neighbor in Laconia, told The ENQUIRER.

“One day they were loading up furniture and he said they were upgrading, and the next day they were gone. We thought they were in the witness protec­tion program.”

While Maher man­aged to keep one step ahead of the law, he couldn’t out­run his 23-year-old son Lee’s loose lips and outrageous be­havior with women. Lee reportedly fa­thered four children with three different women and was a deadbeat dad to them all. He also was known to tell a host of lies, boast­ing to girlfriends that he’d earned a purple heart in Afghanistan and his dad was a hit man.

“Lee is a pathological liar,” blasted Kayla Jacoby, one of his former girl­friends and mom of his 4-year-old daughter. “He was very control­ling and abusive to me – and he never paid a penny to help sup­port our daughter, despite winning $100,000 in the lottery.”

But Lee– who has denied knowing about his father’s criminal past – blew Maher’s cover when his enraged pregnant “wife” Jessica went online, discovered Fast Ed­die’s true identity and turned him in.

Maher, who’d been working as a cable guy in tiny Ozark, Mo., offered no resistance when he was arrested by the local cops, federal marshals, FBI agents and immigra­tion authorities – even though he had two loaded pistols under his bed. He was charged with posses­sion of firearms by an illegal alien, and British authorities hope to ex­tradite him to England.

Meanwhile, no one knows what happened to the cash from the armored car robbery.

“Any time you’re on the run, you burn up a lot of money,” Ozark police department Lt. Truman Is­bell told The ENQUIRER. “You have to pick up and move and buy new houses, cars and furniture.

“My guess is that the money has ALL been spent.”