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U.S. General: China Has Okay To Assassinate Kim Jong-un

Trump puts shocking option on the table!

U.S. General: China Has Okay To Assassinate Kim Jong-un thumbnail

Kim Jong-un is at risk of being assassinated by Chinese forces — after President Trump sat down with the President of the People’s Republic of China at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida! That’s the shocking charge by retired General Jack Keane, who says that Trump’s meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping means that America can now “rely on China to do what they have never done before!”

Keane told FOX News that Kim Jong-un “rushing towards a ballistic nuclear capability” while “developing this missile technology at a very accelerated rate.” The retired military man added that Kim Jong-un had gained that technology after President Obama “purposely minimized this North Korea threat!”

“I know for a fact,” said Keane, “that Xi called last Wednesday after a follow-up to the Mar-a-Lago meetings that took place on the weekend, and indicated that he is willing to work towards denuclearizing North Korea.” Keane also believes that Trump’s negotiations has put Kim Jong-un in the President’s crosshairs!

“He has another option that he’s probably never going to talk about,” said Keane of Xi, “and that’s to assassinate Kim Jong-un and create a military coup — or some other kind of coup!” Keane believes that possibility now exists after Trump reached out to China, saying: “Multiple administrations have never done anything about that.”

Sadly, added Keane, the bold move by China against their former ally would be the only way that the warmongering dictator would ever be deposed — saying that North Korea now consists of “a totally terrorized and intimidated population!”