Wild Child!

Ariel Winter’s Antics Shake Up ‘Modern Family’ Set

Actress disrupting harmony on hit show!

Ariel Winter found fame playing bookworm Alex Dunphy on ABC’s Modern Family, but the curvy 19-year-old can’t seem to stop flashing her flesh these days — and insiders say her look-at-me attitude could cause trouble on the hit show!

In addition to her sexy social media posts, Ariel’s been spotted strolling through L.A. in increasingly revealing outfits, drawing attention toward her eye-popping figure and away from the hit show that made her. “Modern Family works so well because it’s a group effort, but Ariel’s off-screen antics are a distraction,” said one media insider to The National ENQUIRER. “It would be a shame if she ticked off her cast mates because of her trashy moves away from the show.”

Ariel is co-starring in “Dog Years,” a new movie with Burt Reynolds, and has had her bod splashed on magazine covers, and the insider worries publicity can go to a gal’s head. “A monster ego doesn’t work well in an ensemble cast — especially when your character isn’t as important as you think!” Another source said it’s clear Ariel hopes “to turn her eight years on ABC into big-screen success, but she’ll eventually find out you need more than a hot bod to last in this business,” added the source.

Defiant Ariel has harsh words for her critics. “I post photos of my butt, and I have cleavage out on the internet — who cares?” said the actress. “If I take a good picture of my butt, it’s gonna go on the internet. And you can enjoy it, or don’t … I have this policy. If you don’t like what I post [on social media], don’t follow me. If you don’t like what I say, don’t read it.”