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PRINCE WILLIAM’s furious with Granny, aka THE QUEEN for abruptly nixing Wills’ longtime best friend, London nightclub impresario GUY PELLY, as a godfather for his and KATE’s newborn ... Read More
TOM CRUISE CHALLENGE: LEAH REMINI’s angry exit from Scientology created a new bad-news firestorm for the religious cult ... Read More
Furious Scientology overlords fired off a stern edict forbidding their celeb members from contacting LEAH REMINI after her high-profile defection... Read More
It’s said “love means never having to say you’re sorry”… but JOHNNY DEPP ain’t buyin’ that lame old adage! Read More
With 8-year-old daughter Daisy in tow, MEG RYAN dropped in for a nosh at Manhattan’s legendary Katz’s Deli, where she filmed her legendary “When Harry Met Sally” orgasm scene... Read More
FULL DISCLOSURE: I’m the only news outlet that’s ignored the JUSTIN THEROUX-JENNIFER ANISTON will-they-won’t-they marriage hoo-ha because all the back-and-forth bored me – until NOW! Read More
QUICK QUIZ, KIDS! If you’re LINDSAY LOHAN and notoriously incapable of thinking clearly or keeping yourself out of trouble... Read More
They’re not even engaged, but JENNIFER LOPEZ’s pro dancer/toyboy CASPER SMART’s suddenly acting like he’s the daddy Read More
“HuffPost” just ran a roundup of “Celebs Who Won’t Do Nude Scenes” that listed REESE WITHERSPOON – and my eyebrows shot up like busted window shades ... Read More