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HEY, BIEBER – HERE’S MY $3 MILLION ITEM! When JUSTIN BIEBER tossed that wild-and-crazy bash at his Calabasas estate, he ordered guests and workers to sign confidentiality agreements threatening to sock them for three million$$$ if they breathed a word to anyone, but – HERE’S MY SCOOP: Read More
IF WE TELL YOU, WE HAVE TO KILL YOU DEPT.: Folks, I got this direct from the spirit of Darth Vader, who dropped to Earth in the dark of night and rasped: “May The Source be with you, Mike! Hold onto your intergalactic helmet, because I’m revealing – exclusively for you and your gossip/sci-fi fans – an outer-space secret that’ll send you straight into the stratosphere! Read More
Whirlwind KRIS JENNER blew into Nordstrom’s designer handbag department and arrogantly insisted all shoppers be booted so she could peruse the purses in private! Read More
MOMMA DON’T PLAY DAT, PUNK! Horrified that JUSTIN BIEBER got nailed sneaking out of a Brazilian brothel, his mom... Read More
Once a babe magnet, always a babe magnet! Just ask 68-year-old TOM SELLECK, who was filming a “Blue Bloods” scene near an assisted-living residence... Read More
Breaking tension during filming with outrageous pranks and gags is a Hollywood tradition – and “Modern Family” star ED O’NEILL just made the history books! Read More
Hard-hitting Hollywood war story that surfaced just before Veterans Day: Exiting the BevHills Hotel after a yummy lunch, 75-year-old JANE FONDA recoiled in shock and fear as... Read More
Tick…tock…tick…tock…Early riser TOM HANKS woke up with the roosters and ... Read More
If they awarded an Oscar for Best Good Guy, BRADLEY COOPER would win hands-down! Read More
NANNY-GATE UPDATE: I told you last week that KATE was adamantly against hiring anyone she didn’t know to help care for her 4-month-old son PRINCE GEORGE... Read More