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One minute, Oscar nominee BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH prayed he’d be the Best Actor shoo-in – the next, his shoes got SNITCHED!! Read More
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“YO, JUSTIN … YOU PUNK-A** … DOUCHEBAG … PUSS* … WE’RE GONNA BEAT YOUR A**!” Face twisted in fury as he jogged past a gang of screaming punks surging out of a Beverly Hills school playground, ... Read More
Wildman rocker OZZY OSBOURNE – who made fans GAG when he famously bit the head off a live BAT during a 1982 concert – proved he’s still got his stunning talent for barf-inducing gross-outs... Read More
PRINCE ANDREW’s 20-ish daughters, PRINCESS EUGENIE and PRINCESS BEATRICE of York, have got their royal knickers in a twist – but NOT because of those sex-drenched headlines about Papa pranging ... Read More
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Despite recurring hints that a “Sex and the City 3” deal’s heartbeats away ... Read More