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READ IT AND…WEEP! Even “Dirty Harry” can shed a tear – and that’s just what happened when 83-year-old CLINT EASTWOOD held a casting call for actors who are military vets to audition Read More
SHUT UP, DADDY! Out promoting her new movie “Jupiter Ascending” with co-star and new dad CHANNING TATUM, soon-to-be-first-time-mom MILA KUNIS got an earful about the joys of parenthood ... Read More
Just days after legs-up-to-there ex-wrestler beauty STACY KEIBLER tied the knot with richer-than-hell digital advertising mogul JARED POBRE, old flame GEORGE CLOONEY ex-texted her... Read More
Ex-“Saturday Night Live” funnyfella-turned-movie-star JASON SUDEIKIS took a nasty tumble when he got all macho on a motorcycle ... Read More
Manufacturers are always sending freebie products to hot TV shows in hopes of getting plugs, and what they’re mostly sending to HBO’s outrageously sexy, edgy “Girls” show are…sex toys!! Read More
So…this Spy of mine, a TV insider, was strolling Madhattan’s bustling 7th Avenue when he spots one of those only-in-New-York scenes: GERALDO RIVERA standing outside a bakery hawking PIES to ... Read More
ALL HAIL HERO HARRELSON! WOODY HARRELSON literally saved the life of National Living Treasure/hubba-hubba honey JENNIFER LAWRENCE on the set of “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay 2” when... Read More
CASPER SMART suddenly wished he’d kept his big yap shut when he went where no guy should EVER go! Read More