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“It’s Katherine with a K!” bellowed ever-bellicose actress KATHERINE HEIGL, who walked onto the set of her new NBC spy series “State of Affairs” and discovered a major misspelling of her name... Read More
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Still mega-embarrassed by his headline-making, unprofessional mispronunciation of “Frozen” singer IDINA MENZEL’s name at the Oscars – when he stupidly introduced her as “Adele Dazeem” – JOHN ... Read More
Toyboy CASPER SMART’s alleged hankypanky with ladyboyz put a definite chill on his romance with JENNIFER LOPEZ; but the major cause behind their blowup was Read More
On location in Louisiana before filming wrapped on HBO’s gritty “True Detective” series, star WOODY HARRELSON suddenly stopped the action... Read More
CONTRACTIONS ’R US! As the due date for Baby By Fiance ASHTON KUTCHER kreeps kloser, MILA KUNIS keeps kool as a kukumber – but Daddy-O K’s gone bananas! Read More
HARRY STYLES’ One Direction band mates, nosing around in what they call “Harry’s sack o’ crap” – a suitcase the teen idol stuffs with odds, ends, knickknacks, ... Read More
After spending multimillion$$ renovating her Bel-Air mansion, JENNIFER ANISTON decided that a whopping 1,500 square feet of closet space to house clothes, shoes, and accessories, etc., ain’t ... Read More
TAKE MY NEW SCOOP TO THE BANK, FOLKS! On the heels of The ENQUIRER’s shock revelation that the star-crossed SOFIA VERGARA/NICK LOEB romance was doomed because... Read More
DINGO?...BINGO!! Talk about a gal not getting her kicks: Raging as she wrapped a day’s filming on new flick “Strangerland” in her native Australia, NICOLE KIDMAN kept shouting, “Where are my Jimmy ... Read More