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Folks, I’m truly ga-ga over LADY GAGA – especially her tasty, jazzy duets with senior swinger TONY BENNETT – but I’ve just GOTTA dish this Oscars scoop: Read More
FORGET “Fifty Shades of Grey!” JOSH DUHAMEL and sexy Black Eyed Peas wife FERGIE figure that’s mere “kid stuff” since getting totally fired up over their sexy, sizzling new kink du jour: HOT WAX ... Read More
Krazy en-kounter at kozy Katsu-ya, Studio City’s yummy in-krowd sushi joint, when a male diner/fan suddenly strolled up and interrupted the lunch of legendary JOHN LEGEND and kutie-pie wife ... Read More
Hair-trigger phone-flinger RUSSELL CROWE, who’s said he’ll NEVER make Hollywood his home unless Australia and his native New Zealand get wiped out by a tidal wave... Read More
Kantankerous KANYE WEST just saw red (NOT about BEYONCE, happily) when he spotted a “tacky” clearance tag hanging from a brand-new dress in baby NORTH WEST’s closet – and instantly started raging ... Read More
One minute, Oscar nominee BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH prayed he’d be the Best Actor shoo-in – the next, his shoes got SNITCHED!! Read More
Just before the Oscars bash, Best Actor winner EDDIE REDMAYNE’s new bride HANNAH wanted to bash HIM with a damn Oscar (or any heavy object) when ... Read More
“I’LL HAVE WHAT HE’S HAVING” DEPT.: Maybe we’re just imagining things, but it sorta/kinda looked like “Two and a Half Men” star JON CRYER ... Read More
Even while enjoying her top-of-the-world moment as the world’s suddenly-hottest actress, sexy “Fifty Shades of Grey” star DAKOTA JOHNSON Read More
WOW! Just discovered that “Dirty, Sexy, Funny” Mummy JENNY MCCARTHY’s the mom MIKEY always wanted when she proudly confessed ... Read More