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Breaking tension during filming with outrageous pranks and gags is a Hollywood tradition – and “Modern Family” star ED O’NEILL just made the history books! Read More
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Terrifyingly close brush with death for SCARLETT JOHANSSON, who insisted on doing her own stunts on her new flick ... Read More
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“Love & Mercy,” a biopic focusing on Beach Boys guru BRIAN WILSON, ran into trouble when star JOHN CUSACK ... Read More
TEARFUL EARFUL DEPT.: “Hunger Games” star LIAM HEMSWORTH just can’t get his ex-fiancee MILEY CYRUS off his mind – and it’s driving his brother CHRIS HEMSWORTH nuts. Read More
TOM CRUISE’s teenage son CONNOR, a popular LA DJ, never brags about his dad being a big movie star – even when he’s trying to hook babes. Read More