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More Mike Walker Gossip

PSSST! Hey, folks, keep this bit of gossip quiet, okay? Especially from JENNIFER ANISTON... Read More
REVENGE IS SOOO SWEET! Speaking of meanie mom-agers, ex-“Grey’s Anatomy” beauty KATHERINE HEIGL famously blamed mother/manager NANCY for nearly capsizing her career due to diva behavior and downright meanness to producers... Read More
KRIS JENNER’s 58th birthday bash with family at the BevHills Hotel Polo Lounge played like a KARDASHIAN Klan lovefest, but the behind-the-scenes drama got nastier than a segment from their reality ... Read More
NO HORSE S*** DEPT.: Horse laughs broke out after a long day of exterior filming on their still-untitled movie when director TERRENCE MALICK and stars NATALIE PORTMAN, CHRISTIAN BALE, RYAN GOSLING and CATE BLANCHETT all gathered ... Read More
WHO KNEW? The sweet spirit of Hannah Montana apparently still lurks inside the smoldering psyche of twerky MILEY CYRUS... Read More
ALEC BALDWIN claims his raging homophobic rants are triggered when cameras flash in his face, but... Read More
HEY, BIEBER – HERE’S MY $3 MILLION ITEM! When JUSTIN BIEBER tossed that wild-and-crazy bash at his Calabasas estate, he ordered guests and workers to sign confidentiality agreements threatening to sock them for three million$$$ if they breathed a word to anyone, but – HERE’S MY SCOOP: Read More
IF WE TELL YOU, WE HAVE TO KILL YOU DEPT.: Folks, I got this direct from the spirit of Darth Vader, who dropped to Earth in the dark of night and rasped: “May The Source be with you, Mike! Hold onto your intergalactic helmet, because I’m revealing – exclusively for you and your gossip/sci-fi fans – an outer-space secret that’ll send you straight into the stratosphere! Read More
Whirlwind KRIS JENNER blew into Nordstrom’s designer handbag department and arrogantly insisted all shoppers be booted so she could peruse the purses in private! Read More
MOMMA DON’T PLAY DAT, PUNK! Horrified that JUSTIN BIEBER got nailed sneaking out of a Brazilian brothel, his mom... Read More