“X” marks the spot: BIEBER’s mom flips over Tattoo # 9


“YOU’RE RUINING YOUR BODY!” That’s what JUSTIN BIEBER’s outraged mom shrieked after discovering her cute little choirboy had just inked his ninth tattoo – a huge “X” on his forearm (actually, the Greek letter chi)!

What’s made it painful for Mommy is that Baby Biebs broke his solemn promise to her that he’d lay off the tats – stat!

Worse, before she even realized he’d done it again, she was blindsided on a talk show when the host showed her a photo of it and asked: “So how about this!”

Despite Mommy’s fury, the ink-stained imp refused to back down. “Don’t bring up the word ‘tattoo’ again,” he scolded her.

“This is my body – not yours!”