“Won’t You Please, Please Help Me …?!”

“Won’t You Please, Please Help Me …?!” thumbnail

Onstage at his HUGE sold-out LA concert, Beatles icon Paul McCartney spotted a gal fan waving a sign saying she’d had the autograph he once signed on her skin permanently tattooed – and “Now My Mother Wants One, Too!”

Said an eyewitness: “Grinning, Paul promptly called Mum onstage and, while thousands cheered, signed the shell-shocked woman’s arm!” AND … picture this: Just before Paul’s concert commenced, boy-bander turned solo singer Joe Jonas was hit up by a teen girl who asked if he’d pose for a photo with her.

Surprisingly, Joe said NO – but the unflustered babe then asked boldly: “Well, would you use my phone to take a selfie of yourself?”

Said My SpyWitness: “Amazingly, Joe didn’t mind that request. He actually grabbed the girl’s phone and took a selfie!”

(Hey, Joe – get over yourself!)