‘Wolverine’ & ‘Hedwig’ Stun Starbucks Gal

‘Wolverine’ & ‘Hedwig’ Stun Starbucks Gal thumbnail

Just heard this hilarious, heartwarming tale that occurred just before the Tony Awards as the show’s host, HUGH JACKMAN, and pal NEIL PATRICK HARRIS (who later won for his Broadway star turn in “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”) were hanging at Starbucks jawing with their favorite waiter – who told them that an aspiring actress/close galpal working at a Starbucks down the street was totally gaga about them both!

“Her name’s Sheila, and she just loves you guys – so I got an idea. The poor thing just got dumped – on her 30th birthday, no less – by her longtime boyfriend, and now she’s so depressed she’s talking about leaving New York and giving up her showbiz dreams!”

Said My SpyWitness: “In moments, Neil and Hugh fine-tuned their plan. The waiter produced a large cardboard sign, inked it with an appropriate message – and about 15 minutes later, the two stars burst into the nearby Starbucks, prancing/dancing toward the waiter’s stunned galpal – and holding up a sign reading: ‘WE LOVE SHEILA!’

Customers cheered as stunned Sheila raced from behind the counter and was all over Hugh – hugging and kissing like she’d never let go – but completely ignoring Neil, who just held up the sign and wryly told folks, ‘I’m Mister Jackman’s assistant!’”